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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sharing Saturday - Disenberg Bible PART 3

The fifth and final bible page that I am covering for the Dusinberg Bible was written on the back side of a page. The entries are as follows:
  • Christina Law died Oct 15, 1869 age 58 yrs 10 mo 2 da.
  • James Law Sr died Mar 8th 1883 age 80 yr 4 mo
  • Lizzie Augspurger died Aug 5 1883 age 27 yr 9 mo 5 da
  • Maud Hulse died at Avondale Dec 27 1913 age 32 yr 10 mo 2 da
  • Henry Dusinberg died at Cincinnati Feb 2 1920 age 66 5 mo 19 da
  • William Dusinberg died Dec 23 1929 at Sandborn, Ind
  • James S Law died Jan 11 1939 age 84 yr 5 mo 11 days in Trenton.

This final page has given us some new facts, completed other facts and introduced some new people.

Christina and James Law Sr are probably the parents of James S Law who is the husband of Emma Dusinberg. The last entry in the list appears to be for the Younger James S Law death information. A new person is Lizzie Augsberger, Henry Dusinberg and William Dusinberg. Henry and William are probably children of Cornilius and Marie Dusinberg. 

Additional Research:
I found the 1860 Census with

This confirms that William and Henry along with Emma are the children of Cornelius and Marie Dusinberg. I haven’t been able to figure out who Lizzie Augsberger is. If she was 27 when she died, that makes her birth in Dec of 1855. So if she was a child of Cornelius and Marie, she should be in the 1860 Census with the rest of her family. Perhaps she is the married sister of James S Law.

I found the 1870 Census with

Elizabeth could be the future Lizzie Augsberger. 

In conclusion: These five bible pages gives quite a lot of information about the Couple of Emma Disenberg and James S Law. It also gives both sets of parents names and many siblings along with their children and even grandchildren. My wish is that the family of Emma and James finds this blog and are able to expand their research.