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Monday, April 28, 2014

NEW SET OF MAYFLOWER “SILVER” BOOKS donated to the Lake Havasu Genealogical Society

The Lake Havasu Genealogical Society Library accepts a new set of Mayflower Families Through Five Generations volumes, better known as the “silver books,” from the Arizona Mayflower Society.  Mayflower Society Member, H Allen Nash their new Library Liaison, delivered the books in person on April 24th to the LHGS Librarian and President, Jane Bowen. Funds came from the estate of Jeanette Schmidt, widow of former Arizona Mayflower society governor L Bernard Schmidt, Jr., state member #2, in honor of his mother, Georgia Perle Wilson Schmidt. She was the founding governor of the state society and AZ member #1. Allen also installed bookplates inside each volume to commemorate Mrs. Schmidt and the Arizona Mayflower Society.

The Schmidt bequest was sufficient to also fund a previous donation that was awarded to the Yuma County Library on April 4th. Adding these two libraries has expanded the current list to 7 libraries and ensures that no Arizonan is more than a two-hour drive from a library that the Arizona Mayflower Society supports.

Pictured from left to right are: Jennifer Lynn-Goettelmann, member of both the LHGS and Mayflower Society; H Allen Nash, Mayflower Society Library Liaison; Jane Bowen, LHGS President and Head Librarian, and Larry Hayduk member of LHGS and former junior member of the Mayflower Society. Larry was instrumental in getting the donation for the Lake Havasu Genealogical Society.  
Visit to see the list of books donated.