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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Sharing – Digital Copies

Have you every wished you could find that article you read in Family Tree Magazine, but can’t remember what issue it was in? Do you have stacks of old magazines that are taking up valuable space in your home? The Genealogical Library now has back issues of Family Tree Magazine in digital form thanks to a donation. These issues of magazines can be accessed from the first computer in the Library and they cover 2000-2013. They are searchable and printable. If you find the article you want, you can print it out for only ten cents a page.

Plus all the State Research Guides for all 50 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico are available in digital form. They were published as four-page inserts in the Family Tree Magazine, but they can be access directly via the State Research Guides Shortcut located on the first computer. If you are going to be doing research in a state that you are unfamiliar with or even familiar with, you will find many helpful tips and links to aid your genealogy research in those states. We also have these guides in printed form too!

There is even City Genealogy Guides for many major cities. These two were published as four-page inserts in the Family Tree Magazine and can be access directly via the City Genealogy Guides shortcut located on the first computer.

In addition to all of this, there is another short cut which will take you directly to Family Tree Magazine’s Web Guides. These are short four-page how-to-do guides to popular websites such as HeritageQuest or Now some might be a little out of date, but you still might find helpful tips or tricks that you didn’t know before.

Come into the library now and explore our new donations, printout an interesting article or helpful guide that might come in handy this summer as you are traveling for your genealogy research. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday Sharing - Fraternal Organizations

This month, the Society’s program was on Fraternal Organizations. Since I had volunteered to do the program, I decided to approach the subject as a researcher. How would I know if my ancestor was a member of a fraternal organization?

One way would be by their obituary. Many times, people will list what organizations the deceased was a member of. Another way would be by finding a newspaper article that might list your ancestor in connection with the organization. However, what if the organization was a secret organization, then how would I know?

Many times you will find symbols on their gravestones that you might not know what they represent. So I decided to do a google search on “Fraternal Organizations symbols on tombstones” and it leads me to the following link This website was great place for me to start my search. It showed many organizations, not just fraternal orders, but other civic groups.

Because the website did not go into great detail on the history of each organization, I had to do more google searches on each organization that I decided to include in my PowerPoint presentation. I found many were listed in Wikipedia but I made sure I explained where I found my information since Wikipedia is only as accurate as the person submitting the information.

All-in-all the Presentation was very informative. However, many members expected me to have all the answer about Fraternal Organizations and I had to remind them that I was learning as I was doing this presentation. I did find another website that listed when many organizations were first form and that website was

Since a few members wanted to know what website(s) I used to do my presentation, I decided to create this blog as a way to get the word out.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday Sharing - Using Facebook for Genealogy

This month’s Share Session at the Genealogy Library talked about how to use Facebook for Genealogy. A lot of members had stated that they don’t use Facebook and they don’t need to know what someone has for their lunch or breakfast. Other’s had mention that they can’t believe the stuff that family members post on Facebook.

My suggestion is to use Facebook just for Genealogy. I explained if they already have a Facebook account for family and friends; create another account just for Genealogy. I explained they will need a separate email account to create this Facebook account. Since I usually have a dedicated email for my genealogy stuff, I decided to use that email for my Genealogy Facebook account.

I then showed everyone the importance of privacy settings. I explained that I try to pick the most secure sounding option, especially for those options that I don’t understand. Therefore, if you have the following options: public, friend of friends, friends or only me. I will choose only me because that is the most secure. If that is not an option, then I choose friends.

I explained that for my Genealogy Facebook account, I don’t have any friends, I don’t plan on choosing any friends, plus I won’t be accepting any friend request either because I don’t want to have to scroll through all my friends, “frivolous” post to get to my genealogy post, this is why I don’t use my everyday Facebook Account for my genealogy stuff.

To check your privacy setting, you click on the “gear” icon located near your name in the upper right-hand side of your home page.

Once your privacy settings are good, then you can use the Facebook Search bar (not your browser’s URL spot) to find genealogy groups. Type in search words like: Genealogy, Irish Genealogy, or FamilySearch… Then you just have to “Like” their page. Some might be private groups that you will need to be accepted to. This is why I don’t privatize everything, I allow my city and state to show, I also share the fact that I am Married, I list that I volunteer at the local library and I might share my genealogy society website too.

However, my profile picture is not of me but a generic picture that I found on the web that reflects my genealogy interest. I do not want my friends sending me request to the wrong account. However, if they do, I can always send them a request with my “real” Facebook account and explain that the other account I use only for my genealogy interest.

So you might want to know what the difference between a page and a group. Pages are usually for businesses or organizations. All you have to do is “Like” the page and you get post to your news feed as they are posted to the pages. Groups are a just that, a group of people who might share an interest. Usually they are controlled by someone, might require approval to join and if so, you will see a “request” button to join. Some groups want to make sure you are a real person, again, this is why I make sure I have some public information.

Basically, my Genealogy Facebook account because a “share” session where I can learn from others who are in my groups or what is happening on Facebook Pages such as my society page.

I am really liking my Genealogy Facebook account because I am not being side tracked by all my friends and family posts. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends, but my time that I use for genealogy is rare and precious plus I won't get distracted by seeing that someone has passed me on Candy Crush and won't be tempted to try to pass them!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sharing Saturday - Disenberg Bible PART 3

The fifth and final bible page that I am covering for the Dusinberg Bible was written on the back side of a page. The entries are as follows:
  • Christina Law died Oct 15, 1869 age 58 yrs 10 mo 2 da.
  • James Law Sr died Mar 8th 1883 age 80 yr 4 mo
  • Lizzie Augspurger died Aug 5 1883 age 27 yr 9 mo 5 da
  • Maud Hulse died at Avondale Dec 27 1913 age 32 yr 10 mo 2 da
  • Henry Dusinberg died at Cincinnati Feb 2 1920 age 66 5 mo 19 da
  • William Dusinberg died Dec 23 1929 at Sandborn, Ind
  • James S Law died Jan 11 1939 age 84 yr 5 mo 11 days in Trenton.

This final page has given us some new facts, completed other facts and introduced some new people.

Christina and James Law Sr are probably the parents of James S Law who is the husband of Emma Dusinberg. The last entry in the list appears to be for the Younger James S Law death information. A new person is Lizzie Augsberger, Henry Dusinberg and William Dusinberg. Henry and William are probably children of Cornilius and Marie Dusinberg. 

Additional Research:
I found the 1860 Census with

This confirms that William and Henry along with Emma are the children of Cornelius and Marie Dusinberg. I haven’t been able to figure out who Lizzie Augsberger is. If she was 27 when she died, that makes her birth in Dec of 1855. So if she was a child of Cornelius and Marie, she should be in the 1860 Census with the rest of her family. Perhaps she is the married sister of James S Law.

I found the 1870 Census with

Elizabeth could be the future Lizzie Augsberger. 

In conclusion: These five bible pages gives quite a lot of information about the Couple of Emma Disenberg and James S Law. It also gives both sets of parents names and many siblings along with their children and even grandchildren. My wish is that the family of Emma and James finds this blog and are able to expand their research. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sharing Saturday - Disenberg Bible PART 2

The third bible page that I am covering for the Dusinberg Bible is titled Marriages. However, one column was crossed out and re-titled as Births and the entries are as follows:

Column 1:
·        Emma V Dusinberg married Dec 11 AD 1878 to James Law.
·        James S Law was born August 1st 1854
·        Blanche Law and Ivor Gerard was married Nov 27 1901
·        Maud Law and Warren Hulse was married Oct 4, 1902.

Column 2:
·        Blanche Law was born 13thay of December (AD) 1879 in West Elhton, Preble Co, Ohio.
·        Maud Law was born Feb 25 AD 1881, West Elhton, Preble Co, Ohio.
·        Howard J Law was born the 5th day of Dec A.D. 1883 in Osgood, Ripley Co, Indiana.
·        Mary Emma Hulse Died Aug 26, 1906 age 6 mo 16 da.

This page of the bible introduces us to another Dusinberg member of the family named Emma. Then it gives Emma’s three children’s births, her husband’s birth, her two daughter’s marriage information and even her granddaughter’s death at the tender age of 6 months and 16 days.

What we don’t know is Emma’s birth information.

West Elhton is about 45 miles north of Cincinnati, Ohio and Osgood, Indiana is about 60 miles west of Cincinnati.  The family seems to be staying in the same general area.

The fourth bible page that I am covering for the Dusinberg Bible is titled Miscellaneous. The entries are as follows:

Column 1:
·        Cornilius Augustus Dusinberg was married 23 Day of November in the year AD 1845 to Maria Larson.
·        C.A. Dusinberg born Nov 9 AD 1818.
·        Maria Larsen born July 29 AD 1820
·        Elizabeth Fay Hulse was born Jan 11 1903 at Trento, Butler Co, Ohio
·        William Francis Hulse was born July 22 1904 at Trenton Ohio
·        Mary Emma Hulse born Feb 10, 1906 at Trenton, Ohio

Column 2:
·        Emma Virginia Dusinberg born Jun 11 1859 in Covington, KY
·        Cornelius Edison Dusinberg born year AD 1862 April 21, Paddy Run, Ohio
·        Walter Gray Dusinberg Born AD 1866 June 16 in Paddy Run, Ohio
·        George Robert Gerard was born May 5, 1903 at Columbus, Ohio
·        Eva Hulse & Baby Hulse was born Dec 13, 1913 at Avondale, Ohio. Baby died Dec 13 and Eva died Dec 20, 1913
·        James Harding Law born Dec 11, 1911 in Union City, Indiana.

This page has cleared up the information on C.A. (Cornilius Augustus) Dusinberg and his wife Maria Larsen. We learned the marriage date and their birth dates. Plus we finally learned Emma Dusinberg’s birth plus two more siblings. Along with Emma’s grandchildren and another child of hers.

These bible pages have given us a wealth of information and we still have one more page to explore.
However, we have the main ancestor, Cornelius Edison Dusineberg and his wife Maria Larsen. They had approx. 11 children. Then we learned about their daughter, Emma’s marriage and her three children. Of her children, we see two of her daughters have married and one had 5 children with one set of twins and the other daughter had at least one son. We also have another Law birth in 1911 which is probably another grandson of Emma’s most likely through her son Howard. This would need to be proven.

Next week will examine the last bible page and see if there are any unanswered questions. Of course all family relationships will need to be proven, at this time, we are making assumptions based on the bible pages. However, having these assumptions will aid a researcher in trying to prove the information found in these bible pages. So far, it a gold mine because we have daughter’s married names and these are some
of the hardest pieces of information to find.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sharing Saturday - Dusinberg Bible (Part 1)

This is part one of a three part Blog. Another Bible that the LHGS scanned appear to be for the Dusinberg Family. This time there were five pages.

The first page which is titled Births and has 6 births listed as follows:

·        William Augustus Dusinberg was born 24 day of September in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and fourty six born in  Cincinnati.
·        Sarah Adaline Dusinberg was born 17 Day of November in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Forty Eight born in Cincinnati.
·        John Dusinberg was born 10 Day of August in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Fifty One in Butler county New London, Ohio.
·        Henry Burling Dusinberg was born August 19th in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred Fifty Three in Covington, Ky (Kentucky).
·        Franklin Larson Dusenberg born April 3rd year A.D. 1856 in Covington, Ky.
·        Maria Dusenberg born June 27 year A.D. 1858 Covington, Ky.

This page appears to be written with the same hand. The Ink appears to be the same darkness and thus I can’t determine if it was all written at the same time. At first glance it seems strange that the last two entries are written with different verbiage than the first four. The reason could be because the person was running out of space. In the margins the locations were written and this appears to be written in a slightly darker ink. The births appear to be the children of the same parents and the family has moved from Cincinnati when the first two children were born and end up in Covington, Kentucky for the birth of the last three children. One child is born in New London, Butler, Ohio.

I decided to use MapQuest and see what the distance was between these locations. The distance is 200 Miles and New London is North of Cincinnati and near Lake Erie. Cincinnati is near the Kentucky border next to the Kentucky River. Covington, Kentucky is across the river from Cincinnati. So the family moved back to the original area but this time on the other side of the river. Makes me wonder why one child was born in New London, Ohio.

The second bible page is titled Deaths. 

Column 1:
·        John Dusinberg died September 12th in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred Fifty two age Thirteen months, two days. Rest Sweet Babe ly still in Slumber, Holy Angels guard thy head and blessings with out number gently fall avoid thy bed.
·        Maria Dusinberg died October 1 A.D. 1879 at Shridan, Butler Co, Ohio age 59 yr 2 mo 3 da

Column 2:
·        Sarah Adaline Dusinberg died April 30th in the year of our Lord Eighteen hundred Fifty Three, age Four years, five months thirteen days.
·        Franklin Larson Dusinberg died June 22 AD 1856 age two months, nineteen days.
·        Maria Dusinberg died July 14 AD 1858 age eighteen days
·        C.A. Dusinberg died May 31 AD 1903, Age 83 yr 6 mos ? da at Trenton Ohio

Looking at the handwriting, the entries appear to be written by more than one hand. The first death must have been difficult because of the little poem that was written.

Comparing the birth page with this death page, we have the following:
·        We have John who was born 10 Aug 1851 and died 12 Sep 1852. The age of Thirteen months, two days looks correct.
·        Sarah Adaline Dusinberg was born 17 Nov 1848 and died 30 April 1853. Again the age of Four years, five months and thirteen days seem to be correct.
·        Franklin Larson Dusinberg was born 3 April 1856 and died 22 Jun 1856 and the age two months, nineteen days seems to be correct.
·        Maria Dusinberg was born 27 June 1858 and died 14 July 1858, and the age eighteen days also seems to be correct.

This leaves two two new people: Maria Dusinberg from Column one who died when 59 years old. This makes her birth around 1820 and C.A Dusinberg who died at age 83 in 1903 and he too was born around 1820. These two are most likely the parents of the all these children.

Next time we will look at two more pages of the bible. The next two pages will expand to possibly the grandchildren of C.A. and Maria Dusinberg. So come back next week and see what new information we find out about this family. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sharing Saturday – Melinda Williams Bible Cover

Last week’s blog was about the Hauser Family Bible Pages. I stated that the 1850 US Census probably would be the one and only census that would have Benjamin with his parents and siblings by name. So I decided to explore and see if I could find Benjamin with his parents.

What I found was Benjamin with his younger siblings Zachariah and Harriet. I also found a possible older sister Elizabeth and his mother Malinda. However, Malinda was not married to Abram but to John Williams. This explains the Melinda Williams Bible Cover that I wasn't sure which bible it went with.
I don’t know why Abram’s death date is not written in this bible. However, I did find an Abraham Hauser on who was born 1798 and died 12 July 1848 in Bartholomew County, Indiana. 

Also, John’s birth date is not listed. Plus there is no marriage date for either of Melinda’s marriages. I did find a marriage index record for Malinda Hauser and John Williams marriage in Bartholomew County, Indiana for 10 Nov 1849.

So once again I have shown how just two simple family bible pages can lead your research in new directions. So the next time you are at an Estate Sale or garage sale, look for family bibles that people are discarding. Even if they are not for your family, think about saving them. You could scan the pages and create a simple little tree on, post them in a blog or donate them to a local genealogical society. Think about what genealogical society you want to donate them to. Perhaps one where the family in the bible is from might be better than the society where you purchase the bible, especially if they are two different locations.