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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sharing Saturday - Disenberg Bible PART 2

The third bible page that I am covering for the Dusinberg Bible is titled Marriages. However, one column was crossed out and re-titled as Births and the entries are as follows:

Column 1:
·        Emma V Dusinberg married Dec 11 AD 1878 to James Law.
·        James S Law was born August 1st 1854
·        Blanche Law and Ivor Gerard was married Nov 27 1901
·        Maud Law and Warren Hulse was married Oct 4, 1902.

Column 2:
·        Blanche Law was born 13thay of December (AD) 1879 in West Elhton, Preble Co, Ohio.
·        Maud Law was born Feb 25 AD 1881, West Elhton, Preble Co, Ohio.
·        Howard J Law was born the 5th day of Dec A.D. 1883 in Osgood, Ripley Co, Indiana.
·        Mary Emma Hulse Died Aug 26, 1906 age 6 mo 16 da.

This page of the bible introduces us to another Dusinberg member of the family named Emma. Then it gives Emma’s three children’s births, her husband’s birth, her two daughter’s marriage information and even her granddaughter’s death at the tender age of 6 months and 16 days.

What we don’t know is Emma’s birth information.

West Elhton is about 45 miles north of Cincinnati, Ohio and Osgood, Indiana is about 60 miles west of Cincinnati.  The family seems to be staying in the same general area.

The fourth bible page that I am covering for the Dusinberg Bible is titled Miscellaneous. The entries are as follows:

Column 1:
·        Cornilius Augustus Dusinberg was married 23 Day of November in the year AD 1845 to Maria Larson.
·        C.A. Dusinberg born Nov 9 AD 1818.
·        Maria Larsen born July 29 AD 1820
·        Elizabeth Fay Hulse was born Jan 11 1903 at Trento, Butler Co, Ohio
·        William Francis Hulse was born July 22 1904 at Trenton Ohio
·        Mary Emma Hulse born Feb 10, 1906 at Trenton, Ohio

Column 2:
·        Emma Virginia Dusinberg born Jun 11 1859 in Covington, KY
·        Cornelius Edison Dusinberg born year AD 1862 April 21, Paddy Run, Ohio
·        Walter Gray Dusinberg Born AD 1866 June 16 in Paddy Run, Ohio
·        George Robert Gerard was born May 5, 1903 at Columbus, Ohio
·        Eva Hulse & Baby Hulse was born Dec 13, 1913 at Avondale, Ohio. Baby died Dec 13 and Eva died Dec 20, 1913
·        James Harding Law born Dec 11, 1911 in Union City, Indiana.

This page has cleared up the information on C.A. (Cornilius Augustus) Dusinberg and his wife Maria Larsen. We learned the marriage date and their birth dates. Plus we finally learned Emma Dusinberg’s birth plus two more siblings. Along with Emma’s grandchildren and another child of hers.

These bible pages have given us a wealth of information and we still have one more page to explore.
However, we have the main ancestor, Cornelius Edison Dusineberg and his wife Maria Larsen. They had approx. 11 children. Then we learned about their daughter, Emma’s marriage and her three children. Of her children, we see two of her daughters have married and one had 5 children with one set of twins and the other daughter had at least one son. We also have another Law birth in 1911 which is probably another grandson of Emma’s most likely through her son Howard. This would need to be proven.

Next week will examine the last bible page and see if there are any unanswered questions. Of course all family relationships will need to be proven, at this time, we are making assumptions based on the bible pages. However, having these assumptions will aid a researcher in trying to prove the information found in these bible pages. So far, it a gold mine because we have daughter’s married names and these are some
of the hardest pieces of information to find.