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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Sharing - History of Dr. Dana Gibson and Rosemary Bower Pierce Gibson

By Laurie Scheeler
2nd Vice President

In going through the Archives at our genealogy library, we came across a box donated by Dr. E. Dana Gibson, prior to his death in 2000. This box has been just waiting for use to open and discover the treasures inside.

Dr. Gibson, a Lake Havasu resident from the early 80's to his death in 2000 was renowned expert in early data processing and business automation. he co-authored a number of business education textbooks and classroom resources with his colleague Lynn Straub while they were on staff at San Diego State University. His wife Rosemary was co-authored of some books with her husband. Dr. Gibson was considered to be about 20 years ahead of his time in business automation and was named Professor Emeritus of Information management at San Diego State University after his retirement.

Dr. Gibson and his wife were world travelers, including Africa and Central America, where they were often involved in research project relative to the evolution of business methods within various countries. Dr. Gibson was very generous with his resources, The Presbyterian Community Park on Avalon Ave had its origins in his Generosity.

The couple left no children or known relatives according to his January 16, 2000 obituary. Further research found that Dr. Gibson was born in Worthington, Minnesota on April 5, 1906 to James and Genevieve (Jennie) Gibson. He has two sisters, Ermie (1906), Ruth (1908) and a brother Dyerald (1913). He married Rosemary Pierce in Las Vegas on June 16, 1956. His given name was Ernest Dana Gibson.

Treasures in the Box

1950 Yearbook-DEL SUDOOESTE COLLEGE which is now known as San Diego State College. The book is in fair to poor condition with many pages stuck together. Dr. Gibson is listed as a Professor of Commerce at the school during this time.

Rosemary Bower Pierce was born February 15, 1914 in Trafford, PA to Howard Leroy Pierce and Mary Elizabeth Bower. She was the only surviving child, a set of twins died as infants prior to Rosemary's birth. Rosemary died February 17, 1978 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Most of the material in the box relates to Rosemary Pierce's family. a full genealogy book is included giving education, church and political affiliations, birth, death, marriage, children and occupations of her family members. The bulk of the research began with her father and there is a full folder containing correspondence between Mr. Pierce and the Gloucester County Historical Society, Woodbury, New Jersey, ( during the 1940's.

The Pierce family seems to be early settlers in New Jersey and are of the Quaker Faith during this time. Their roots lead back to England.

  • Typewritten listings of Gandy Family Bible, from 1798 to 1914 plus another listing from Wolf Bible from 1797 to 1882.
  • Type letter dated 1945 with family stories.
  • Copy of the last will and testament of James Poarce, dated 1694. This will was found in the Books of Wills, Secretary of State's Office, Trenton, NJ, pg 138. I found this person on spelled this way, the name was later changed to Pierce.
  • Pierce family notes
  • Pages of real estate papers, maps, etc.
  • Large group of vital stats from Trenton, NJ about the Pierce family
  • Album with Pierce family data and photos from early 20th century to 1940's
  • Album with Pierce family data, 1st page is interesting giving history of Puritan (New England and Quaker Pennsylvania relationships)
  • Album with Harris family data tied to Gandry family
  • Listing of Settlers of Fairfield, NJ, dated March 2, 1912
  • Land records search by Hazel Simpson, letter to Howard Pierce, dated Oct 28, 1942.
  • Correspondence to Howard Pierce regarding deeds, plats, research.
  • Typewritten letter to "Barbara" from "your Uncle" presumably Howard Pierce. Lots of good family information and history, dated 1945.
  • Handwritten letter from Howard Pierce to Mrs. Theodore C. Schumacher
  • Misc. handwritten notes, regarding Pierce family
  • Typewritten notes Pierce family 4th thru 8th generation - 1768 to 1920 1 page of 2nd gen 1694
  • Typewritten history of Gandy family of West Jersey, 1635 to 1932 including lists from Gandy Bible and Wolf Bible - 2 copies, original and Xerox copy
  • List of marriages in Cumberland and Atlantic counties since 1848 to 1876.
We would like to reunite this information with the family so they may enjoy the multitude of facts, history and stories about this early colonial family.